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Google maps got huge AI updates!

by Raphael di Stasio

Google Maps with AI: If you’re not using it, you’re falling behind.

Here’re 6 AI features that will blow your mind:

1) Enjoy an immersive view

Experience the combination of street-level imagery that creates stunning 3D models of any location.

Additionally, it simulates live traffic and weather conditions, empowering you to navigate around congestion and unfavorable weather.

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2) Lens in Maps

Just imagine pointing your camera and witnessing Google Maps instantly identify and label everything in your surroundings.

This AI-driven feature takes understanding your environment to a whole new level.

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3) Improved navigation maps

Google Maps is taking navigation to the next level with highly accurate and detailed maps.

Explore a wealth of information about local businesses, landmarks, and all the must-see spots along your route.

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4) New Ariel View API

Integrate a captivating 3D birds-eye view into your apps and websites.

Google’s AI tech identifies and extracts objects from street view and aerial images. Helping you elevate your user experience!

5) Photo-First Result

Search terms generate curated photo-first results from billions of shared photos.

Google uses AI and advanced image recognition to match your search accurately.

6) Special Features for EV (electrical vehicle) owners

Google Maps is now providing comprehensive information on charging stations, guaranteeing compatibility and convenience throughout your electric journey.

Autor: Muzzammil @DevMuzzammil

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